Monday, August 18, 2008

my weekend in snarøya

I have great weekend in Snarøya. I met new friends there; they seem so nice and kind. On Saturday afternoon, we went to the beach, we go swimming even if it’s a little bit cold, but the sun is shinning. We have fun out there; we bring apples, ice cream and chips. And on the night we went home in my brother’s place because he is babysitting with four children. On Sunday morning, we went to his neighbor Joy our new friend. We stay there for the whole day, and our other friends are also there. We watch Olympic games, and play cards, see movies, etc. At 4:41 pm, we took the bus going to the city because we attend the Catholic mass that begins at 6:00 o’clock pm. And after the mass, I met my other old friends, we talk a while and after I went home. I am a little bit tired but I enjoyed being with them.

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