Sunday, August 24, 2008

My Sunday

This Sunday is my busy day and I feel tired. I woke up at 8:00 a. m. I took a bath and after ate breakfast. After that my cousin and I began to prepare the pasta salad and vegetable salad. I also baked the bread and do some cleaning in the bathroom when my host family and their friends left to the church for the baptism of Konrad. After the bread is finish, I prepare and baked a banana cake for the dessert. I made the table and heat up all the foods, sauce, and cook rice. Then, my cousin and I ate lunch before they got home. They arrived at 12:45 noon together with the guest and I served them red wine, white wine, water, cola and solo, they just select what they want to drink. At 13:20 they began to eat, were not so very busy because it’s a buffet style, they just go to the table and get what they want. After they eat, I began to make coffee and ready the cakes for the dessert. Clean up the table, wash dishes and etc. At 19:20 pm all work is done, thanks I can relax now and have time for myself because I am so very tired and I feel pain in my legs for standing all day…goshhhhh…Thanks God the party is over and successful.

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