Tuesday, August 5, 2008

my summer holiday in Denmark

July 24, 2008 early in the morning I left home, I went to Oslo central station where the bus is going to Copenhagen, Denmark. At 10:15 am the bus depart for Denmark. I think that my trip will be boring and I am alone but its not, I met a Filipina named Len-Len who’s going also to Denmark for a holiday. We talk a lots of things, love life, family, and etc, but we noticed that we have similar story about family problems and our past life in some other ways. Even if the trip takes long hours to drive, were are not feeling tired talking a lot and sharing our experiences in life. We are comfortable to each other talking even if our first time meeting each other, maybe because she is a nice and a good girl. And at 7:00 pm we arrived Copenhagen, Denmark its time to say goodbye for each other.

And after that I go directly to the place of my host family before, I stay in there place every time I visit Denmark. But when I arrived only my sister is home because the whole family is out of the country, they go camping in Toscana, Italy. So my sister and I have plenty of time chatting with each other go outing together with our friends.

July 26, 2008 my sister, my cousins, friends and I went to Bakken Park. We enjoy roaming around there, riding some scary rides, and have a little picnic out there. I really enjoy that time and have fun. And in the evening we drink Tequila and Smirnoff Vodka while singing videoke. At that night I got drunk. Oh my God... I feel bad that time, when I woke up in the morning I have my hang over I feel pain in my body…oh..gosh…

July 27, 2008 we went picnic at the beach in charlutenlund fort. We went swimming even it’s a little bit cold..huh.. Also we have games such as maring-maring, patid-patid, were like kids at that time but we enjoying a lot and also the weather is so nice.

August 02, 2008 the family arrived from camping trip. They are happy to see me again and they hug me all of them and I feel the same way. We talk a lot about my life here in Norway, my family back in the Philippines; they are very concern about me they treat me as their oldest daughter in their family. I am thankful to God that they are nice, understanding and kind family to me.

August 03, 2008 at 5:00 pm, the mother of family and her sister’s family arrived home to have dinner. When they saw me they are also happy, they ask if I am fine how the things going on. Vivi the mother, she is happy recalling the good things I’ve done to the family and I am thankful also that they are different from other family because they understand my friends and me especially in the weekends that we cook rice 3 times a day and were so noisy talking and laughing out loud. At 9:20 pm I say goodbye to all of them because I am going back to Norway may holiday already finished. The father of the family ask me when they saw me again if I will be visiting again Denmark and I said that I don’t know yet if I can visit again coz I’m going back home to Philippines on December 2008. And he said that maybe someday they would visit me in the Philippines, especially when I got married, he said that I must invite them so that they can attend and witness my vow. Hmmm..how I wish will be getting married someday to a good, responsible man and who loves who I am. When I open the door and waving them my tears just fall dawn, I really miss their company they are so good to me the children as well especially the youngest one he is so sweet. As I walk the street going to the bus stop I feel emptiness in my heart, I don’t want to leave Denmark I love that place very much but I have to, the only thing I will do is to treasure all my memories there. At 11:15 pm the bus depart for Oslo, Norway. I have a great summer holiday and now I am back home, back to work again. Thanks God I have a great holiday and have a safe trip.

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