Monday, June 2, 2008

My weekend

I spent my weekend in my sister’s place in Nesbru . Last Saturday we went to the city for window-shopping we bought foods in the Asian store, and some of my personal things. Unexpected I met Julai Nogalada and Isidra Bernaldez outside Asian store. We have a little time chit- chat (chika-chika). Me, my sister, my brother and my cousin we eat lunch in the Mc Donald and after we take the IKEA bus for free, and going home in my sister’s place. In the evening we celebrate the farewell party of my sis Norma because she is going home to Philippines by Wednesday. For the dinner we have grilled pork, sausage, pansit, and many more hmmm..its so yummy.

In Sunday afternoon, we go to Holmen beach. We bring some of our left over for our dinner.

Its lot of people there go swimming and sun bathing. We also play volleyball, badminton and some of our Filipino games such as bato lata, doctor-doctor, and you can pass the shoes and luksong tinik. Its been very fun and the weather is so nice but a little windy. I’m enjoying the time and relaxing also.

At 20:50 pm I took the bus from Nesbru to Asker where I can transfer a train going to Drammen because this place were I live. When I arrived at Asker train station 21:10 pm, there is no train going to Drammen, but only buses and taxi. I waited about 45 minutes when the bus came. I arrived home at 22:40 pm and I am very tired.

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