Tuesday, June 24, 2008

my tuesday

Today I feel better and relax because this morning my host family went to their summerhouse in Trondheim together with the kids. So I am alone at home and I can do what I want… Ahehehehe… After I finished my work this morning, I take a Jacuzzi spa so that my body can relax for a while… hmmmm…it’s a great feeling after a bath, I am so relaxed. And after, I went to my neighbour’s house to give the birthday gift of her son Adrian and also watering the flowers, got the mails, prepared for dinner. So this week I am free, no work, and I have much more time to sms to my love ones in Philippines, chatting with friends, posting in the forums and also blogging.


Nita said...

Wow, sounds like a busy day for you huh? Anyway, pareha ra gyud ta ani hehe...

Thanks for dropping by at my blog. I really appreciate it!


LadyGing said...

hehehe..mao lage sis...i just come back from vacation pod. mao karon pako kabalik online pod... Thnx din sa pag hapit deri.